India’s diversity is evident in all aspects whether it’s language, dressing, traditions or food. The same dish made in one state will differ vastly in the other as the spices used and the cooking style differs. Indians are big time foodies where the ladies used to spend a major part of their day in the kitchen. Now with nuclear families and both partners working they prefer to go out and eat especially during weekends spending some quality time together. This has motivated the restaurant industry to serve a variety of domestic as well as international cuisines and of late Mexican cuisine has become a favourite of many.

This is because it is very similar in preparations, taste and the use of spices to Indian cuisine. Unlike the continental or the American cuisines, Mexican foods are flavoursome and spicy, something that Indians love. Also, they have a lot of vegetarian options, which appeal to the vegetarian population of the country.

Let us see some of the restaurants in Rajouri garden that serve authentic Mexican food.

  • High Street Café: This is the preferred place in the area to enjoy some lip-smacking Mexican dishes in an incredibly lively ambience. The interiors are of bare brick balls over which the artistic graffiti has been painted. The fittings, the furnishings, and the décor – all are great and actually lift up the space. You can enjoy a hearty meal here completely relaxed. The moment you enter the place a strong wave of reminiscence will hit you and you will be transformed instantly.
  • Factory Bistro & Bar: The theme here is that of a factory and thus the place is done with metal pipe scaffoldings to resemble the same. There are also large cautionary posters pasted as one often comes across in an industrial unit. The serving dishes and the cutlery used is innovative with handles that resemble spanners and spades. Though a multi-cuisine restaurant, the Mexican food here is authentic and flavoursome.
  • Qubitos – The Terrace Café: The essence of exotic dishes increases multifold if you enjoy it in the perfect setting. The terrace seating here provides exactly the same. The place has beautiful and appealing ambience with some natural vibes. Those who would like to have their food inside can enjoy their interior seating. Along with some amazing food, you can also enjoysoothing live music that is very soul touching at times. The bar here is well stocked and beautifully lit. If you love sheesha, the arrangements for the same are bang on. Overall, the experience is awesome with some really good food.
  • Cafe Foreground: This is one of the places in the area that is consistently serving great and authentic dishes. The place is done based on a garden theme, so you will feel refreshed the moment you enter it. The feeling is further elevated with the authentic food that they serve with some live music going on. The seating is spread over two floors and the upper deck has comfortable seating with bright lights to elevate your mood.

Rajouri Garden is the hub of eateries in the national capital. You can keep trying various places day in and day out, but if you are looking for authentic Mexican the abovediscussed ones are definitely not to be missed.

By Skyler West

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