Who doesn’t love to eat pasta and noodles these days? Children love to have it on a daily basis, but mothers are a worried lot as they don’t really feel comfortable feeding them the packaged versions, which have a lot of unhealthy ingredients.

What if you can get your hands on an easy-to-operate appliance that can dole out healthy noodles and pasta and that too conveniently and in no time? Kent knows your requirements perfectly and has come up with Kent noodle & Pasta maker, which helps in making fresh and hygienic noodles. The plus point is that you can customize it according to your preference and they are free of any preservatives, which the packed varieties have. So, you can peacefully let your children have noodles whenever they wish to.

It’s not only noodles and pasta that children love. They also love to have momos and this noodle maker from Kent enables you to make that as well. If you are fond of the famous Indian sweet gujiya, then you can prepare that also without any hassle.

Automatic Kneading

The noodles making machine is totally automatic when it comes to mixing, kneading and extruding. You just need to add the ingredients to it and start the machine. The operation is really simple.All you need to do manually is to select the buttons and press them. The machine takes care of the rest and you get the finished product in no time. If you are curious to know how things are happening inside the appliance, it has an upper transparent lid through which you can get a complete view of how the mixing and kneading takes place.

Customise Ingredients

You can get as creative or health conscious as you wish with choosing the ingredients. Using wheat flour and beet, carrot or palak juice to knead,you can get colourful and healthy noodles. Children often don’t like eating vegetables, but in this manner, you can incorporate a lot of them and they will readily eat it.

Different Shaping Dies

This particular appliance from Kent comes with 7 different shaping dies, which can be used for making pasta, noodles, gujiya and momos. There are 3 dies each for noodles and pasta, which helps in making different shapes and sizes and one for momos and gujiya.

Organised Storage for Accessories

Keeping in mind the convenience of users, the model is designed smartly with ample of space to store the accessories that come along with the appliance. The well-designed drawer lets you store all these 7 dies and the cleaning tools in it so that you don’t misplace them and don’t put the entire cabinet upside down searching for them.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning this appliance after usage is again an easy task. A specially designed cleaning brush comes along with the appliance that has bristles and pins for easy and efficient cleaning.

The appliance is made from high-quality food grade plastic so that it preserves the taste and is highly durable. All factors are kept in mind while designing this and you can easily dismantle it for cleaning and storing purposes. Once you get it in your kitchen, all you need is 15 minutes to get fresh, healthy and customised noodles and pasta.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.