Smoking through a bong can be a little bit confusing for the first time but people get habitual after some days. Before smoking, you have to fill up the bowl with cold water and mix up the flavors in the bowl. The bowl must be covered with the aluminum foil having minute holes in it so that the ashes do not get mixed up with the flavor. You can avail the best glass bongs from Cloud Chasers who are best known for providing the high-quality material to their customers. There is a great variety of bongs that you can avail from this unique portal.

Bongs are also known as water pipes and most of the smokers love them. You can add up the flavor according to your choice and enjoy this great experience of smoking. They provide unique designs for the glass bongs which are quite different from the old ones. These Bongs are best known for providing cool, filtered, and smooth smoke. Bongs can last for years and you can enjoy a long-term experience. These water bongs are a huge improvement over those traditional pipes because they are able to filter the tobacco through the water.

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You can avail these bongs in varying sizes, shapes, and color according to specific needs. It usually comes with detachable pipes and you can easily wash them from time to time. With this unique feature, you can always start fresh whenever you feel like smoking. Just visit Cloud Chasers, and avail the best quality water bongs for the smoothest smoking experience. Water pipes are available in different sizes varying from 10mm to 18mm. Customers should always check the angle of pipe holder and usually, 45 degree is reliable for the best smoking experience which provides a great ease while holding it.

By Skyler West

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