The syringe is one of the most extensively used devices in the medical profession. It has an important role to play in injecting or extracting liquid, medicine or gas in and out of the body. They are of different types including reusable, disposable, prefilled and safety. Among them, the use of disposable variety of syringes is growing at a rapid rate as they help avoid the infection risks. As the name suggests, they are meant to be used just once and they get discarded after a single use for safety purposes. That’s why doctors use a new syringe or needle every time there is something to inject or extract.

Here are reasons why disposable syringes are used more by hospitals these days –

Prevention of infection cases – Hospitals are aware about the casualties taking place in the wake of reusable medical supplies. They now realize the risks inherent in reusing the syringe over and over again that lead to surgical site infections. Clearly, the need is felt for disposable supplies so that infection risks are brought down to zero and patients are ensured absolute safety and world-class treatment. With equipment used just once, any probability of infection striking to patients is gone out of the window for sure. This is how 100% safety is delivered to patients as well as to hospital staff.

No need of sterilizing medical supplies – Earlier, hospitals took great care in boiling their medical tools at a specific temperature. This task had to be done daily for a specific period of time to sterilize each and every tool used there. The only problem with this autoclave-driven sterilization method was that it did not disinfect plastic or rubber- based items. It was thus not fit for syringes and the need was felt for disposable supplies. So, the need to sterilize is now gone to bring convenience to hospitals.

Guarantee of maximum hygiene – Lack of hygiene is always a big concern at most hospitals. This also creates infection risks and renders treatment ineffective to a great extent. However, the advent of disposable medical supplies has ensured superior hygiene with medical procedures of any variety or scale. This has also helped keep the infection risk to the lowest minimum possible level. As a result, more clinics now turn to dispovan syringe to inject or expel liquids or medicines in a risk-free manner.

Quality with cost-efficiency benefits – It’s a misconception that disposable products cost more or they are an expensive alternative to standard items. The case is entirely different as the manufacturing costs of use-and-throw medical products are much lower than those or reusable supplies. Since they are single use items, it does not take companies a lot to make them and economy of scale is there to achieve and benefit from. Plus, hospitals can place bulk orders for these materials and get heavy discounts to reduce costs further.

Time saving – Disposable products are not needed to undergo any type of sterilization. They won’t have to be kept in autoclaves for disinfection purposes. Rather, they come on a ready-to-use basis which helps hospitals save a lot of time.

By Piper

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