Water is the most essential requirement of the life. You cannot live without water. You can live with impure water but you are likely to be infected with a number of diseases. These diseases can further make you unhealthy and will restrict you from enjoying the life to its fullest. Thus, one cannot ignore the requirement of water purifier to provide safe and clean water. You can visit livehealthy.fit/collections/water-purifiers to get the best water purifier.

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How to select the best water purifier for your home?

  • Gravity based water purifier: This water purifier is the best purifier if your area has the supply of soft water and total dissolved solid is also low. These water purifiers do not require electricity to run. They require least maintenance and are most economical also.
  • Reverse Osmosis water purifier: These water purifiers are the best where the TDS count is much more than the safe level and the water carries a lot of arsenic and heavy metals in it. RO water purifies the toxic elements of the water and removes all the heavy metals from the water. It requires electricity to run the system.
  • Ultraviolet water purifier: This water purifier contains UV lamp which kills the microorganisms from the water but cannot remove the impurities dissolved in the water. It also requires electricity to run.
  • Ultra filtration water purifier: This water purifier works on the same principle as the ultra violet water purifier and can be used where there is supply of soft water. The only difference between the ultraviolet and ultra filtration purifier is that the latter does not require electricity to run.

You can select the best water purifier depending upon the features of the water purifier and the local conditions of the area where you want to install the water purifier.

By Skyler West

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