Heart disease is one of the main causes of death for people of all ages. Heart disease can be caused by improper diet, lack of proper exercise, smoking or other harmful actions; and it is also caused by stress. If you want to stay as healthy as possible, tests should be done every few years. Heart disease is often called the silent killer because people will have it and will not even know it. Only when they are destroyed by a heart attack does heart disease become known. You do not want to be one of these people. That is why you should immediately make an appointment with a doctor.

There are usually two types of stress tests. There is a stress test and then a generalized stress test. The exercise test is where the doctor examines how your heart copes with common exercises. This is usually done on a treadmill under the supervision of a doctor. Another type of stress test is to measure your blood pressure; your muscle stiffness, as well as a written test that assesses how tense you are during your daily activities. Both tests may let you know if you have a risk of cardiovascular diseases or other stress-related diseases. That is why you want to monitor your health as much as possible by performing one or more of these tests on a regular basis.

Exercise stress test

With an exercise test, the doctor will monitor your heart while walking or running on a treadmill. This test is designed to see how your heart works during normal exercise. If your heart struggles to keep up, you may have high blood pressure and/or heart disease. There are cranbourne medical centre and other treatments so that you can return to normalize your heart. This type of test is necessary for those who do not exercise much, and those who are considering an exercise program. It is advisable for your doctor to perform this test every time you feel that your heart is not working at its best because you do not want to be one of those people who simply fall down because your heart cannot cope with stress put it on

Other stress tests

Some people live in stressful times. The economy is collapsing, unemployment is increasing, and most people have to combine one or two jobs, family and school or other activities. This is a great stress for a person. Your doctor can check you with a previous test or another stress test to make sure that your body is coping with stress correctly. Failure to cope with stress can damage your body. Therefore, if you feel stressed and worried about your health, ask your doctor to conduct an adequate stress test. You are indebted to prevent heart disease and live a happy life as long as possible.

In summary

Although these stress tests are known to have limitations, a positive stress test may indicate a high risk of heart disease and should be taken seriously. If you have received positive stress test results, your doctor may change or start treatment, request additional tests and, possibly, recommend lifestyle changes in which healthy eating and/or exercise are regularly reviewed (according to its capacity). But even with a negative stress test, there is never a bad moment to start thinking and living a healthy life.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.