There are lots of people who do not feel like the same gender as they are born with in their minds. They feel like trapped in a body that is not their own. Suppose you are boy and suddenly wakes up in the body of a girl, how would you feel? These people have been living with this feeling their entire lives. They get depressed because they cannot come out to the society or else they would feel humiliation. However, the medical science has reached new heights and now there is a solution for the problem of such people.

The problem is referred to as gender dysphoria and it can be treated. A lot of people are getting benefitted from this solution. This solution is called sex change [zmianapłci, which is the term in Polish] surgery. With the help of sex-change surgery, one gets a new life. It is the life that someone always desired only in one’s mind. So, go and get the surgery done and live happily ever after.

Amount of money that someone is going to put

The sex-change surgery cost is different in every country. If someone goes to the USA then a person needs to pay up to 50000$ for this surgery. And, in the UK it can go from 15000$ all the way up to 50000$. But in Thailand, the cost is very less than any other country. The amount of money that someone is going to spend in Thailand is 13500$ only. It is the maximum amount that someone is going to spend in the sex-change surgery.

Choosing the hospital for surgery

Hospital is the main thing when it comes to sex-change surgery. So, choose such a hospital which gives the best treatment obviously. But people should also go for the after-treatment thing. Look for such a hospital that gives better treatment even after the surgery is done. It helps the body to recover very well.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.