Kamagra has become one of the main generic drugs used for erectile dysfunction. For some time now, many men have found a satisfactory response when using Kamagra to deal with this condition and the results have been very good since it has become one of the main medicines recommended for this type of problem. Kamagra is a capsule that contains 100 grams of Sildenafil Citrate and works as a kind of Viagra that reaffirms the virility of men. It is only available in oral tablets and it is recommended to consume it with an abundant amount of water.

Kamagra 100 grams is produced by Ajanta Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company which has been operating in Mumbai since 1973. Thanks to its futuristic vision, many drugs aimed at treating erectile dysfunction have managed to be patented and distributed to those who need it most. They to manufacture Kamagra 100 grams have been based on studies related to Sildenafil, which has found that making the right combinations this component makes blood pressure to reach the genitals faster and stay longer during sexual activity.

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This has been the true secret behind the success of Kamagra 100 grams and the reason why people prefer it over other medications. As such, the method of action is the relaxation of the muscles of the arteries of the penis which causes more blood in the penis and therefore a much larger erection.

As for the consumption of this pill, it is recommended to consume 30 or 45 minutes before starting the sexual activity so that the body is able to metabolize it and so it can act, only when the person is fully aroused. Likewise, it is recommended to take it with plenty of water. Emphasis is placed on this as it is a necessary requirement for the functioning of the pill.

On the other hand, like all medication, Kamagra 100 grams brings with it side effects which are not very strong and can be ignored by patients. However, if these persist and worsen, it is advisable to visit a doctor. Among the side effects can be found: Chest pain, irregular heartbeat, nausea, and vomiting. However, these symptoms are temporary as long as the pill is consumed under the appropriate instructions. Otherwise, you could be facing prolonged erections and also many headaches that can afflict you.

Kamagra 100 grams is one of the most recommended medications for erectile dysfunction. You can visit kgr100.comfor more information.

By Skyler West

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