When dentures break it can be rather distressing as they are such an important part of your life. If it happens to you, it’s important to stay calm and remember that this happens to people all the time. Before you try to fix it yourself it’s a good idea to call your denture clinic penrith to see if they are able to make you an appointment immediately.

In the United States, there are around 35 million people that require dentures and it’s estimated that 75% may have repairs that need to be made. There are different ways that dentures can break that will require repairs. Sometimes park of the pink acrylic can break off, teeth can fall out, or even worse they can crack in half. Unfortunately, if dentures are broken in half there isn’t much that you can do at home but there are options for the other situations.

Collect the Pieces and Call Your Dentist

Before you do anything else, make sure that you have all the pieces from your dentures in a safe place. If you cannot find the pieces, it will be much more difficult for your dentist to fix them quickly. After your dentures are safe, call your dentist and try to get in as quickly as possible.

Buy a Repair Kit

While superglue is an option in a pinch, it’s better to purchase an emergency repair kit from your local pharmacy that is designed for dentures specifically. There are a variety of different kits available for various types of breaks. Almost all of them contain a bonding agent and applicator but some will include temporary teeth that can replace any that were not able to be recovered. It’s important to remember that no matter type of kit your purchase they are only a temporary fix while you get into a dentist.

Clean Your Dentures

Before you try to repair your broken dentures, it’s important to remove any dirt or food particles from them before you attempt to apply the adhesive. If the area being repaired is not cleaned properly and free of contaminants it can make it difficult for the pieces being repaired to stay adhered together. This can cause them to break again in the same place and even make them more prone for another crack. It’s best to use your denture brush and normal products to clean them.

Repair Your Dentures

Before you apply the adhesive, check to make sure that the pieces will fit together snugly. Once you have figured out how to put your dentures back together, apply the adhesive from the kit or superglue to the area and firmly press them together. It’s a good idea to hold them in place for a minute or two until the bond is secure.

A common way to avoid breaks is to fill your sink with water or put down a towel while you are cleaning them. These temporary fixes will help you get through until you are able to see your dentist. Remember not to panic, it happens all the time.

By Skyler West

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