You need to know more details about dental veneers before getting a more beautiful smile and attractive teeth. Although there are various types of cosmetic dentistry, most people prefer to try veneers. Dental veneers are better than other methods, like dental crowns. During the dental crown treatment, the dental cover will hide the whole surface of your natural tooth. We recommend you check the pictures of each dental cosmetic process to find the best choice for your teeth and make the final decision.

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As an experienced dentist offering cosmetic dental services in Vancouver says, dentists reduce and add the facial surface of your teeth for performing the veneers. Sometimes, they also don’t remove your dental enamel. The dental doctor doesn’t need to remove the whole dental enamel using the direct composite veneer. Besides veneers, composite can be another treatment to make your smile more attractive. We will tell you more about composite, too. 

What Is Composite in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Composite are some unique materials with the exact color of natural teeth. Cosmetic dentist also utilizes composite to restore your smile and brighten your tooth. Composite is not just related to veneers. 

Dentists also use this dental fabric to restore your tooth. Note that there are 2 types of composite: direct and indirect. These composites have different procedures, but their fabrics are the same. 

Let’s get to know what the direct composite veneers are. But why do people and dentists call this composite a direct one? This is a direct composite because the cosmetic dental doctor will put the dental fabrics on the cover of your teeth in your mouth. 

Composite doesn’t need any dental laboratories to shape them. You only need a cosmetic dental doctor with enough experience shaping and putting dental composite. What about the indirect composite veneers?


What Is Indirect Composite in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Indirect composite veneer has the same fabrics as direct composite. The most significant difference between these 2 composites is the fabrication style. The indirect composite comes out of a dental laboratory. 

We mean the dentist makes the indirect composite outside of your mouth. An indirect composite is made based on patients’ impressions. The dental laboratories shape patients’ teeth to form the image.

Next, they will produce a cast or dental model based on patients’ dental shape. After this step, the cosmetic dental doctor or chosen dental technician will put the dental composite on the model to shape it. 

The composite material will get the final shape of the patient’s tooth. In this case, they also will build up the veneer. According to the obtained information, there are a lot of excellent materials when it comes to choosing and performing dental composite veneers. 

Some of the fabrics are zirconia fillers. You can also ask your cosmetic dental doctor to add strength to your teeth by choosing the most practical indirect composite. 

Generally, you can get both direct and indirect composite; let your cosmetic dental doctor choose the best type of dental material. They have enough knowledge and information in these steps, so let them decide.

By Skyler West

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