How much are you familiar with Invisalign? This is an orthodontics treatment, and most teeth aligners use this tool. Although it is an orthodontics dental therapy, there is no need for braces and wires. Moreover, it is unlike traditional orthodontics methods or dental treatments. The most important feature of these modern braces is their removability. You can efficiently dismiss them whenever you want. Generally, it is a valuable teeth aligner for those who wish to have well-shaped and aligned teeth. This teeth aligner comes from clear plastic. 

Invisalign in New Westminster

As a highly-trained dentist offering successful Invisalign in New Westminster states, this clear plastic is also elasticated, putting pressure to let your teeth move into a more suitable and desirable position. Therefore, as a dental patient, you can wear these teeth aligners on your misaligned teeth for only one week. The total time of having this teeth aligner depends on your teeth’s position and final target. We are going to tell you more about this teeth aligner device. 

What Is Invisalign?

The teeth aligner is a removable dental appliance. Based on much dental information, patients with misaligned teeth can use this tool to align their teeth. They also can take it out and put it back in again. 

As you know, various traditional braces are available in orthodontics treatments, but this teeth aligner is one of the most practical dental treatments without any challenges and tensions. 

This new and modern teeth aligner is very different from traditional braces, which are glued onto the teeth. These conventional braces are not removable, so patients can not remove them easily without the help of an orthodontist. 

Since traditional braces have wires and little elastic parts, it will be hard for patients to remove them. Moreover, teeth aligners are the best choice with good tricks and techniques for those who are looking for a dental treatment to remove. 

It is essential to move the aligner. The usage of this teeth aligner and traditional braces are different. According to many gathered reports, wearing these teeth aligners 22 hours a day is better so you can remove them at night or day for cleaning or other reasons.

How Much Time Should We Wear Invisalign to Get the Result? 

As we said, the usage time of Invisalign depends on your dental condition, the shape of your teeth, your teeth’s alignment, and your chosen orthodontist’s knowledge or profession. Most orthodontists recommend you use this teeth aligner for one week. 

Within this week, your teeth will move in the correct position. It means your teeth can move and change their places after using this dental treatment. This teeth aligner will move your teeth at least for one millimeter. 

In this dental treatment process, you will see the successful result of each step. Each of this treatment’s sequences can come with various teeth aligner systems. You only need to use them over the time. Don’t forget to change the teeth aligner every week. 

Although this treatment slowly moves your misaligned teeth into a far more favorable or attractive position, it is still one of the best methods to treat your misaligned teeth over a short time.

By Skyler West

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