Wisdom teeth extraction is among the most complicated dental treatments in many dental clinics. Getting used to wisdom teeth in our mouth is hard, so it is better to find a dentist to take it out as soon as possible. Note that the procedure of each wisdom tooth removal differs from the others. For example, the upper removal process differs from the lower wisdom tooth extraction. The dentists need to stretch your cheek to place their instruments optimally. Don’t panic; this process doesn’t even hurt. You, as a patient, may pull your cheek during the procedure. We recommend choosing a dentist with several years of experience in tooth extraction. 

wisdom tooth extraction in Woodbridge

A dentist offering wisdom tooth extraction in Woodbridge explains that after removing these teeth, you will feel better and know how harmful it is to have wisdom teeth. The dentist is supposed to pressure the tooth to loosen during extraction. Stay with us for further information about the extraction process. 

How Does a Dentist Perform the Wisdom Teeth Extraction? 

We have mentioned the first steps of wisdom teeth extraction in the beginning part of our post. The wisdom tooth moves further during the extraction process until it eventually just pops out. What will happen next?

Some dentists suction the wisdom tooth out with high-volume suction. Both sides of your mouth have wisdom teeth, so the exact process is possible to perform for the other side, too. Some wisdom teeth are hard to see, so their extraction process will be more difficult.

The dentist needs to put pressure on the tube and again put a lot of pressure on the tooth and retract the check all the way; they have your cheek close halfway down. The dentist has to take the tooth out of your mouth just after it pops out.

Suction is always a good idea to remove teeth, but sometimes dentists can use their fingers or an instrument. Dental doctors must be quick because they don’t want the teeth to immigrate to the back of your throat. 

wisdom tooth extraction in Woodbridge

Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Painful for Patients? 

The wisdom tooth removal process will be challenging for patients but sometimes different. The dentist numbs the gum line and area surrounding the wisdom tooth to reduce the pain. It also helps patients not feel any pain.

The extraction process is tricky for dentists because they must immediately remove the extracted wisdom teeth from patients’ mouths. Patients may swallow the removed tooth. 

You may feel slight pain after the procedure if your wisdom tooth is impacted. Dentists mostly use anesthetic materials to decrease patients’ pain. Sometimes, patients don’t get as numb or painless as possible, so the dentist needs to use other sedation. 

Getting fully numb in the exact spot is vital not to feel pain. The dentist also makes an incision in your gum, extending backward to the tooth in front of your wisdom tooth. They may cut the gum precisely; in this step, the patient may feel pain. Generally, sometimes you will feel pain during tooth extraction, but not always.

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