Crystal mala beads have been used by people since thousands of years because it is believed to have some healing powers. Most of these stones are originated from the Earth and when they come in contact with the skin, it helps you connect with the healing energy leaving you more clam and peaceful. Every crystal is different in its own way and japa mala beads adds meaning to your life in different ways. To make you more aware of the properties of these crystals, here we are listing a few to help you better understand.

  • Crystal of Healer: Turquoise

This crystal is said to be a master healer and is also a stone of communication which helps you put forth your feelings across in the purest form. Also, the Buddhist prayer beads or the Tibetan prayer beads if gifted by someone are known for its value to increase ten times.Image result for 10 crystal mala beads that will make you Healthier and Happier

  • Source of Energy: Bloodstone

In the ancient times, it was worn as an amulet which purifies the blood. This is because a clean supply of blood acts an energizer which helps you overcome your negative thoughts and lethargy and boosts your enthusiasm and wellbeing.

  • The Art of Letting go: Smoky Quartz

This crystal mala bracelet lets you overcome all your past baggage which is constantly pinning you down. It acts as a shield to your positive energy, releases all sorts of mental blockages and opens up your mind to light and hope.

  • Stone of Love: Rose Quartz

This stone evokes feelings of love, beauty, and compassion. This encourages not just love for somebody else but encourages love for yourself as well. Love is one of the most powerful and purest forms of energy.

  • Stone of Creativity: Carnelian

This attracts good fortune, removes any stuck creative energy and the feeling of being drained down. The bright orange color evokes a feeling of motivation, energy, confidence, and joy.

  • Clearing the mind: Quartz

Quartz has been serving a purpose of spreading the feeling of happiness and completeness since the ancient civilization because of the abundant element of earth it possesses. Encourages good health, cleanses your body and soul and maintains a balance in the overall body.

  • Stress Reliever: Celestite

This encourages a feeling of peace and happiness because it relives you with any kind of stress. Even when in contact with the skin, it releases any sort of muscle stress.

  • Live now: Citrine

This stone helps you concentrate on your now and present and helping it make better and happier each moment. Also known as the manifestation stone, where whatever you think the universe will conspire to get it for you.Related image

  • Stone of opportunities: Aventurine

This crystal helps you defeat the feeling of self-doubt and feeling of hollowness. This rids of you off any negative energy and open doors for new opportunities.

  • Protection against EMF: Shungite

It acts as a shield to your body against any negative particles and even against EMF (Electric Magnetic Energy). These magnetic energies are harmful to the body and hence should not be kept in direct contact with the skin.

All of these stones mala necklace exhibit some sort of properties which helps you make a better person every day. But if you need to show some faith and believe in it, to be able to allow it’s magic to work on you.


By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.