There are more and more cases about the chronic fatigue syndrome lately, and due to that reason, you will be able to find more doctors who are specialized in the area of treating the symptoms that are involved with the illness. The men’s health clinic Sydney owned by Dr. Rob King is one of the better places where you can consult with professionals if you are suffering from CFS.

What causes chronic fatigue syndrome

At the moment, it is not sure what exactly is the main cause, however, there are many valid theories. One of the theories is that the chronic fatigue syndrome is the final stage of some illnesses if they are not treated completely, however, the other theories are revolved around some common viruses such as herpes.

The illness is currently not treated on its own because there is currently no cure. However, it has been discovered that taking care of some major symptoms has a significant improvement on the whole situation. The most major symptoms that come with the CFS are the ones that impact the patients mental and emotional thus they are the first ones that the doctors try to remove.

Coffee is actually one of your worst enemies if you are suffering from CFS, so do not consume it.

Treating CFS

It is important that the one who is suffering from the CFS follows a certain schedule according to his energy swings. Try to rest when your body is feeling fatigued and do not think about sleep at all when your body is feeling filled with energy. By doing so, you will slowly get the ability to adapt your body how you want.

Other type of home treatment includes proper exercise, because spending the whole day trying to rest by not doing anything is not something your body needs. Even if you should exercise, do it in moderate amounts because overworking or over exercising can also have negative impact on your control over the major CFS symptoms.

Which drugs can help you?

When it comes to drugs that can help your chronic fatigue syndrome, there are not that many choices because the drugs are meant to treat only some of the major symptoms. You will often find doctors prescribing various antidepressants because the patients that suffer from CFS usually tend to get depressed quite often so antidepressants are given to them in order to relieve pain and improve sleep.

Sleeping pills are drugs that you will probably expect from your doctor, however, keep in mind that the effect of the sleeping pills is easily negated by consumption of alcohol, caffeine or similar substances that can keep you awake.

If you do not make a proper schedule, you can find yourself in a situation where you cannot complete basic daily tasks.

What if you do not want to take drugs?

Besides the treatments you can do yourself without visiting the doctor such as making a schedule and having a proper diet, you could always go for some therapy due to the mood swings you are probably experiencing. Having someone to talk about your problems can really help you out even if you might think otherwise.

Final Word

Even if today you can only treat some major symptoms, soon you will definitely be able to experience the best treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. Teams of professionals are researching this illness every day, and if you think that you need extra help with your situation besides the home treatment, you should definitely talk to them.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.