Varicose veins are the twisting, enlarged and swollen veins, frequently appearing dark purple or blue. They occur when the defective valves in your veins let blood run in the wrong direction. Any vein in your body may turn into varicose, but the veins commonly affected are the veins that present in your feet and legs.  That is due to walking and standing upright increase the additional pressure in your lower body veins.  If you experience varicose veins, you need to know the major causes of this problem. It forms when the flow of blood from your feet or legs fail to flow correctly.  Blood should run down and up your feet easily without any unwanted obstacles. When your feet are elevated, blood should flow higher and readjust in the legs while you are running the blood flow should circulate up and down when it is required. If the blood does not flow properly, then these varicose vein issues are formed.  It is beneficial to note that the blood content inside your veins starts to become slow and congested to form.

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Main causes

Your veins also begin to turn and twist in the hopes of aiding the blood to flow freely. The veins will twists often, your blood starts to gather in every dip and turn. Blood can become trapped and create expanded veins. The varicose veins are not only unappealing to your eyes, but it also creates pain.  This problem affects men and women, no one is safe from being a victim of flooded veins.  Once you know the primary cause of this problem, you can look for the right treatment. There are many available treatments for varicose veins, follow the right one based on your requirements. Wearing the right socks and elevating legs are highly recommended treatment options in the past. Now, doctors have advanced treatments for this problem, one of which is known as Sclerotherapy.

Right treatment

Wearing very tight socks as well as elevating the legs is a beneficial treatment for the varicose veins problem, but doctors have expanded treatment options. Sclerotherapy is a specially created treatment option that uses a specific chemical. During the treatment process, the doctors can inject the chemical into your varicose vein for scarring and damage the inside vein lining.   The best and experienced doctors use safe treatment procedures to let patients feel more comfortable while getting this treatment.  Hiring a professional doctor is the best way to treat your veins. The health care professionals not only treat varicose veins, but they also help you get smooth veins again.  The best methods help reduce varicose veins as well as move sufficient range of blood to the new veins. Get the right treatment if you’re a victim of varicose veins.

By Skyler West

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