Jungian therapy, sometimes referred to as Jungian analysis, is a concise analytical form of talk therapy which helps bring together both the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. This helps make an individual feel relaxed, balanced and healthier. With the help of New York Jungian psychologist, a person can be able to assess the darker elements of their minds and work out ways to become one’s real self rather than being the self they present to the outside world.

For those looking to improve themselves and live a life free of depression, grief, anxiety, low self esteem or other emotional problems, seeking the help of a New York psychologists is the way to go. It is also ideal for those who wants to have a deeper understanding of themselves and as such is willing to stay committed to the work involved in acquiring that knowledge. Asides talking, a renowned New York Jungian Psychologists uses several techniques including dreaming journaling and interpretation, as well as creative experiences in order to allow clients express themselves free whilst releasing their imagination.

Another technique used is the word association tests, here the psychologists says a specific word and monitors closely how long it took the client to respond with the first thing that comes to mind. The results are gotten from the response time. If it takes longer to respond to certain words, then it is believed that you have issues connected to such kind of words. Depending on how simple or complex your issue might be and the agreement you make with your New York Jungian psychologists, you will have to schedule an arrangement for regular sessions at least once a week till you are certified OK.

Jungian was originally the work of Car Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, in the 20th century.  Jungian psychologists focus on the root cause of the problem rather than on the symptoms. This is a great way to overcome several health and emotional issues. Jung believes than an individual’s repressed experiences and memories, in combination with what he called the “collective unconscious”, or natural traits that affect everyone. Before choosing New York psychologists, it is essential to consider if they are certified, licensed and highly trained. Choose a professional that you are comfortable with.

By Skyler West

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