Blankets are something that are essential for sound sleep to almost everyone. There are many types of blankets present in the market for you to buy and use. You can have woven blankets, knitted polyester blankets, cotton blankets, fleece blankets, wool blankets and more. They all give different degrees of warmth to your body. But the blankets that are advantageous are the weighted blankets. They are going popular now days because they give several advantages to humans. These blankets are made of some solid fabric and cotton with soft material covering for your comfort. The quality weighted blankets have poly pallets that provide easy breathing to your body. The quality weighted blankets are made of 100% cotton which you can find with other mentioned qualities in the gravity blanket. They are affordable and very comfortable also.

Take a good sleep

It is found that these blankets also offer several benefits over health such as they reduce stress and anxiety if you wrap yourself in these blankets for sleeping in the nights. They also provide you sound sleep as they reduce the activities of the nervous system of your body. This frees your mind from stress and enables sound sleep. As a study has suggested over a number of people given around 30 pounds of blankets to cover themselves up at night and the difference is felt by everyone. Approximately 33% of people have felt reduction in the activities of nervous system and nearly 63% have seen lowering in the anxiety.

Ends insomnia

It also makes the insomnia patient to sleep for hours also. It doesn’t matter what the cause behind this disorder is. You will get the sleep that you might have been wanting since days. It also makes you roam in your dreams constantly without any break. When you drape this blanket upon yourself during the sleep then you can get uninterrupted sleep.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.