You may have heard of the term “cryotherapy” before in beauty magazines where celebrities rave about the treatment taking years off of their face. A quick online search may give you a weird impression after you find out it looks like a huge ice bath. Odd as it may seem at first, read more about how putting yourself in cold spaceship-like chambers can help in fighting signs of aging.

How It Works

Cryotherapy is a facial or full-body ice treatment. You get inside a chamber that engulfs you in -140°C of dry steam for about two to three minutes. The machine uses liquid nitrogen to lower your core body temperature. The sudden cold causes an immediate reaction on your body by releasing norepinephrine and constricting blood vessels. Blood flow is improved, giving you an energy boost and closing up your pores, sealing your natural oils and leaving you with lasting radiant skin.

Cryofacials as Beauty Treatment

Facial cryotherapy is a great way to get rid of puffy eye bags and dry, dull skin from late nights and pent up stress. Liquid nitrogen in the form of cold steam are directed to your face, quickly improving blood circulation on your face. The increased flow carries with it oxygen and other nutrients that give you a rejuvenated glow, not to mention stimulating the production of collagen. The cold closes your pores, preventing dirt from building up, which could otherwise cause breakouts and blackheads.

Are There Other Benefits?

Bright and youthful skin isn’t the only upside to cryotherapy. Increased oxygen supply throughout your muscles and skin can alleviate muscle pains and give better circulation that boosts your cardiovascular health. Cryotherapy aids in muscle repair and lactic acid removal, so it’s a perfect way to cool off after an intense gym session. It’s also been widely recognized that cold therapy pumps you awake with energy. Think of when you have to get into a cold shower– it’s agonizing at first, but it sure wakes you up in a snap. It’s the same with cryotherapy, with a bonus of giving you an endorphin boost. So you not only end up awake but also in good spirits that can last for days. Research also shows that cryotherapy or similar forms of cold treatment helps you get better sleep. 

What to Do Next

While cryotherapy gives quick fixes for fine lines, puffiness, dryness, and large pores, it’s worth looking into more long-term anti-aging solutions. Combine your cryotherapy sessions with nad anti aging therapy, which is notable because it works on a cellular level. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a vitamin B3 coenzyme that aids in your essential bodily functions. This enzyme helps cells metabolize food into energy, DNA repair, and increase the activity of enzymes called sirtuins, which are involved in prolonging cell life and preventing neurodegeneration. Low levels of NAD+ lead to chronic fatigue since your body isn’t producing energy from food as well as it used to, and overtime this ages your face with dark circles and tired eyes, dull complexion, and stress lines. NAD anti aging therapy is usually available as IV infusions, and treatment has been known to result in increased energy, better memory and immune system, and vibrant skin.

Modern technology has given rise to more innovative anti-aging methods that work not just on the surface but your overall wellness. Looking young isn’t just about facial creams and serums anymore; it’s about the right lifestyle changed and advanced revitalization.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.