Looking for a way to get rid of your hair loss? if yes then there is no need to look for remedies like oils, shampoos and other products. So, what can be done? The best way to get rid of your hair loss is to get a Hair Transplant. It is necessary that the treatment be done by expert surgeons and the best clinic. To achieve this look no further than a Hair Transplant in Surat.

Surat is an upcoming city in Hair Transplant. Hair Transplant in Surathas adopted the newest methods for its treatments. It is amazing how the city has developed and become a pioneer in Hair Transplant. It is also well known for its surgeons and nurses. The well harboured care and compassion shown by the doctors and nurses are at the top.  The city has updated itself on par with cities like Mumbai and Delhi. It is now competing with such cities to provide the best in medical treatments. Hair Transplantis a growing industry in the city with many clinics and hospitals available for this treatment it has become easily accessible to the people of Surat.

Also, to mention this important fact, if you are planning to get your Hair Transplant done in Surat you should pay more attention to the clinic HairNimages. The clinic provides the best facilities available and has long range of success in Hair Transplant surgeries. The doctors of this clinic offer the best care, they are compassionate and understanding to the patients needs. Be on the lookout for HairNimages in Surat.

Some of the types of Hair Transplant in Surat are:

FUE Follicular Unit Extraction is the most exceptional technique for all. In this technique of hair transplant, hair grafts containing 3-4 hair follicles are expelled from ‘donor area’ i.e., the rear of your head where hair is thick and after that transplanted to the ‘recipient region’ i.e. the region of baldness using a punching needle-like apparatus. This technique is relatively less agonizing and leaves no scar .

FUT follicular unit transplantation is a traditional technique for hair transplant in which a liner strip containing hair follicles is removed from the donor area and after that trim into little pieces containing hair grafts and afterward set in the bald area of the individual. After removal of the strip the surgeon stiches the scalp which leaves a long-lasting scar. Also, since, this technique includes stitching which makes it more excruciating and needs more after-care.

Luckily HairNimages provides all these types of hair transplant and more.

The Hair Transplant cost in Surat is another important topic that cannot be missed out. To be honest, the cost is lower than most cities in India. It ranges from Rs25000- Rs 90000. It all depends on the number of grafts you require and the type of Hair Transplant you want done. There is no need to worry about the hair transplant cost in Surat, it can be afforded by anyone with the per graft charges as low as Rs 25 per graft to the highest being only Rs80 per graft. Isn’t it good? The price ranges exist due to the following factors:

  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Surgeon team’s experience and efficiency
  • Clinics Location
  • Use of Technology
  • Number of grafts used

When you are looking for a clinic to get your hair transplant done, don’t pay attention only to the cheap cost. But pay attention to the success rates of the hair transplant surgeries, the experience. It is better to find the best especially when it comes to health. One of the clinics which verifies all the above criteria is HairNimages. The clinic offers the best Hair Transplant cost in Surat along with the best facilities, trained and experienced surgeons. So, looking anywhere else than HairNimages is your decision but you will be definitely missing out a great opportunity.

To get the best Hair Transplant in Surat it is best to look out at all the possible options. The one which provides you with the best in treatment and cost.The city provides the best through its reduced cost, expert surgeons and caring nature. It is not a doubt that if you decide to get your hair transplant done in Surat, you will not be disappointed Always look out for experienced surgeons and clinics like HairNimages.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.