There are many people all over the world who suffer from the problem of depression. It is a kind of mood disorder in which people feel restless and hopeless. It can affect people for six to eight months.  If the symptoms of depression are not too serious then you can take the help of consultant. You can also take the right medication and therapy for depression before it turns in a serious issue.

What are the common symptoms of depression?

Some common symptoms of depression include the following-

  • Low appetite
  • Insomnia, depressed mood, reduced sexual desire.
  • Loss of energy, psychomotor agitation, feeling of guilt and being worthless.
  • Attempt to suicide, impaired ability to think, concentrate and make some decision.

What are the common causes of depression?

Commonly, the cause of depression is not specified. But there are some common causes show the symptom of depression such as genetics, biological, environmental changes, psychological and social causes. There are some life events such as divorce, relationship with friends, financial problems etc. also which can cause depression.

How can you treat depression?

 If you notice similar symptoms and changes in your loved ones then you should consult your doctor and provide them a treatment before these symptoms turn into serious issue. Your doctor can give you some psychological therapy and treatments for recovering depression. Your doctor also prescribes you medicines like Waklert for treating the symptoms of depression.

How much dose of medication you have to intake?

There are many doctors who prescribe Provigil as the medication for treating depression. If you want to use this medication then you can intake standard doses for depression. You can take 150mg in morning for treating the  depression. If you take  proper doses of medication then it will improve and enhance your cognitive function and provide you more relaxation and healthy life.

Where you can buy this medication?

Usually, you can find this medication on your nearest local medical store. If you have no time and do not want to look at many medical stores then you can buy this medicine from the online drug store.  You can search many online drug stores such as RXShopMD for buying your desirable amount of doses.

Who should avoid this medicine?

 Basically, there is no contraindication specified for in taking this medicine. But if you want to see the best result of this medicine then you should not combine this medicine with other drugs. People who have the problem of irregular heartbeat, blood pressure, nervousness, restless etc. should not take this medicine. You should also avoid caffeine containing drinks during the treatment. If you combine this medicine with alcohol and energy drinks then it may show side effects.

What should you do when you intake overdoses?

If you intake more than the prescribe dosage then it shows some hypersensitive allergic reaction such as itching, swelling, skin rash etc. If you notice these reactions on your body then you should stop the medicine and call the emergency help for controlling the overdose symptoms.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.