Yoga is a group of physical and mental practices and discipline which is originated in India. There are broad variety of yoga classes, schools and practices. Yoga was mostly famous in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. There are different types of yoga exercise which was famous in different place.The word yoga was first mentioned in the sacred texts, the Rig Veda. It is a collection of mantra, song and rituals performed by those peoples.

Is it important to do yoga?

Yoga was originated to provide relaxation to the body or mind of the peoples. It is a mind and body workout that combines stretching and strengthening poses with deep breathing which give relaxation to the body. Many workout exercises come and go but not one of them can give that relaxation or benefits that yoga provides.

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Yoga uses breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation exercises. Yoga helps in improving health care and happiness in the people’s life. It was defined as the modification of mind which gives relief to the mind and helps in maintain the body structure fit. Yoga Six is a type of yoga exercise which provides a balanced metabolism in the body.

How to learn yoga?

It is important to learn yoga from a trained and experienced yoga teacher. People can join yoga classes and yoga studios where trained yoga teachers will teach them and give the right instructions. It is very important to do the yoga poses in the right position. Many yoga teachers provide the facility in online classes also, so that people can learn the techniques of yoga from their homes. Yoga is necessary to maintain a fit body structure and people who do yoga exercise daily they gain flexibility and control on their body. Daily practice is necessary for the yoga exercise sand it will reduce the risk of any diseases. Yoga helps in bring discipline in the human body.

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