Yoga bricks formally known as are the most extensively used props for yoga practices. The core use of of yoga bricks is that they support to do  different asanas and stances properly, which are supposed to be difficult for beginners. They are excellent prop, especially when your body is not that much flexible to perform different yoga asanas. They also assist yogis feel relaxed while practicing different yoga asanas,  and they also help to get the better body position. With the help of yoga blocks a yoga practitioner can extend, reinforce and straighten his/her body without causing much sprain to the other muscles.

The core function of these blocks is to facilitate the person get freedom while performing a predominantly complicated asana, mostly those that have need of the expansion of the spine. They are supposed to be outstanding in cases where a yoga practitioner need just a slight lift or a push to unlock his/her upper body or reach his/her feet, as the same time making sure that the breath flows effortlessly downward the backbone.

Even though, yoga blocks support you to perform a yoga asana well, they have numerous benefits for the yoga practitioners. Let’s have a look on some major ones.

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  • Yoga blocks enable your body to stay in the proper alignment.
  • They are outstanding for dropping distances between the floor and your body.
  • Yoga bricks help to amend poses as per your convenience thus helping you boost the suppleness in your body.
  • With the support of yoga bricks or blocks your body will suffer the minimal amount of pressure and sprain, particularly when you’re performing a complicated pose.

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By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.