Healthy lifestyle is the key to attain happy life. In order to do that lifestyle, we have many things to do. Eat healthy food, routine exercise and have enough sleep are few activities we can do for healthier lifestyle. More than that, some people think that they need extra booster for making their life healthier. Therefore, they use supplement to support their lifestyle. Those supplements can give their user many different effects. Mostly, the supplement has ability to improve our condition and physical ability. However, there are also supplements that can help our mental strength, for example the ability to focus and concentration. One of those supplements is Focus Factor. If you are interested in this supplement, here are little explanations about Focus Factor supplement.

What is Focus Factor Supplement?

Focus Factor is nootropic supplement. This supplement has ability to help their user to improve their memorizing ability as well as focus, so they can easily understand and remember lot of different information. Because of its ability, Focus Factor often recommended for people that need memorizing ability for their activity. For example, student who need to get better concentration to learn many subjects are the target for this supplement. However, other profession also uses this supplement, such as artist, designer, writers and other.

Focus Factor, basically, has function to improve your brain function. By providing enough energy for your brain, your brain will be able to work effectively and maximize its potency. This is the reason why those who are using this supplement will have better ability to focus and concentrate. Their brain has more energy to active more than usual. This function also can help the user to get better mood. The full energy brain will be able to process stress and anxiety. Therefore, you can feel more relax and compose.

Focus Factor Ingredients

The main reason why Focus Factor can work really well is because its ingredients. Inside, there are four main ingredients you can find. They are L-Glutamine, Choline, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, and Hupertzia Serrata.

–                      L-Glutamine

This ingredient is related to body digestion system, immune system and muscular health. Glutamine is also well-known as one of substance that doctor used to treat several different mental conditions, such as ADHD, depression and other. Therefore, this ingredient has important role in Focus Factor, which has purpose to provide better concentration and focus for its user.

Glutamine has ability to affect the neurotransmitters inside the brain. It will help your brain to increase its function. More than that, this function also helps to stimulate your body to produce glutamic acid and GABA, which important for memorizing and synaptic plasticity function.

–                      Choline

This ingredient is made naturally in your liver. The function is similar to Vitamin B. it has ability to control how your body processes cholesterol. It also affects your body nerve transmissions. The main reason why Choline is used in Focus Factor is its ability to affect your neurotransmitters. With this function improved, you will get improvement on your cognitive function.

However, it doesn’t means that this is magical ingredient that capable in improving your brain function just like that. In fact, some research found that this ingredient has no effect in several brain functions, such as reaction, reasoning, memory capability and other. More than that, Web MD also suggest for limiting the consuming of Choline. High doses of Choline will only give you many serious side effects, such as:

–                      Vomiting,

–                      Diarrhea,

–                      Perspiration problem,

–                      Body odor, mostly you will have fish-like odor come out from your body.

Other studies also show that Choline can increase the risk of colon or rectal cancer. Therefore, in order to get best from Choline, it needs strict and right measure and usage, so the user won’t get all those problems and side effects.

–                      Bacopa Monnieri Extract

This is the extract of Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi or Water Hyssop. Mostly, this plant is used on Ayurveda practice and other alternative medical treatment. They use this plant to treat:

–                      Epilepsy,

–                      Asthma,

–                      Ulcers,

–                      Enlarged spleen,

–                      Inflammation,

–                      Anemia,

This ingredient also has effect on your memory and cognition function. Therefore, many of practices use it to reduce stress and improving concentration.

–                      Hupertzia Serrata

This herb can affect your mental function and neurotransmitter as well. This herb also has been used by many traditional medication practices. Mostly, they use it for treating:

–                      Dementia,

–                      Myasthenia gravis,

–                      Nerve damage,

–                      Mental impairment.

Although it has been used in many practices, however, it hasn’t scientifically proven yet, if it really has good effect to those conditions. In fact, according to testimonial from users, this ingredient has several side effects, when it used in wrong way, such as:

–                      Slurred speech,

–                      Vomiting,

–                      Facial tics,

–                      Urination problem,

–                      High blood pressure,

–                      Decreased heart rate.

Because of those side effects, there is risk that you will get more problems when you take supplement, like Focus Factor, that has this ingredient in it, when you have epilepsy, gastro-intestinal problem and such. Therefore, you need to consult with your physician before you take this supplement.


Focus Factor, indeed has several good ingredients that has effect to your brain ability. However, most of its ingredients have side effect that can give you more health problem, and even harm your life. If the producers that make Focus Factor supplement make mistake in their production, there is chance that you will get those side effects. The most important thing here is you must always consult with your doctor or personal physician before you take this supplement. That way, you will know if your body is capable in handling the effect of this supplement.

Basically, Focus Factor is good supplement. However, if you are not perfectly matched with it, you can always get and used another supplement, such as Memotenz. Or, you also can stay away from supplement and use pure healthy lifestyle with eating healthy food, have enough sleep and exercise your body every day.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.