What is nursing?

Nursing is one of the most fulfilling careers for anybody who loves taking care of other people. It requires one to constantly take care of fellow humans and ensure that their medical needs are tended to. It is one of the most sought-after careers in India and home nurses are always a requirement for many hospitals around the country.

Nurses are generally considered to be hardworking, caring, loving, popular, and it is a profession that is respected by all. In India, Rajasthan and Kerala are known to be the states that produce a lot of nurses for society.

While many nurses work directly in hospitals, there are a few who get to work as home nursess. In this capacity, they take care of a patient within the comfort of their homes. home nurses are held in high regard, and many nurses are treated like members of the family

A home nurse is someone who will need to tend to a patient at home and make sure that they take their medicines on time, don’t fall prey to diseases, and have a clean area around them that. They will also need to┬ámaintain the medical records of the patient under their care.

One of the most popular quotes on nursing was by the English pioneer Florence Nightingale, who said, “Nursing is the medical profession for administration and taking care of the patient with the help of healthcare science.”

After Nightingale popularised the profession, women have come forth to dominate in this profession. Initially, there were a lot more men who were nurses. home nurses have become popular owing to patients requiring individual care within the confines of their homes.

Applying for home nursing services:

Whether it is for home nursing or otherwise, it is important that nurses complete their education from the Indian Nursing Council, which provides the necessary accreditation. The Indian Nursing Council is recognised as the primary body for nursing education in the country, and there are plenty of UG and PG degree courses available as well.

Most private hospitals offer certificate courses that last from 6 months to around a year’s time.

Some of the diploma courses include ANM (1.5 years) and GNM (3 years). The undergraduate courses include┬áB.Sc degrees in Basic, Post Basic and Distance nursing. The master’s Degrees include an M.Sc in Nursing, and Doctoral courses include M.Phil and PhDs.

Admission to home nurse services:

The ANM is a course that lasts for around a year and a half. To be admitted in the course, the candidates need to complete their 10th with 45% minimum and be between the age of 17-35 years. Entrance tests for this course are conducted by the entrance board. Some colleges require 10 +2 certification in science subjects as well.

The GNM is the advanced diploma service that lasts around 3 years and a half. Candidates need to complete their 12th grade with 45% and be between 17 to 35 years old to apply for the same. There is also an entrance test conducted by the board for admission.


An in home nurse generally get employed by patients privately to tend to them or their family members at home. All their general expenses are taken care of by the family, and they are provided a good salary that they can take home.

Being a in home nurse can be a daunting task especially if the nurse has a family of her/his own. They will have to find a way to balance work and family life and put the needs of the patients as their top priority. The upside is that most home nurses are compensated well for their efforts.

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