Marijuana can be both harmful and beneficial. It has been made legal in some states and is being used in hospitals. This is because it has proven benefits; while that is the case, it is also essential to not ignore the fact that if it is not consumed the right way, it comes with risks that can affect your life and health. 

It is essential to stay abreast of these risks and identify ways to consume them without putting your health and life at risk.

1. Purchase products with the right potency

Doctors recommend Low-potency products. These are products that are high in CBD and low in THC. The more you consume high potency marijuana, the more the chances that you will develop psychotic episodes and addiction. 

Consumption of high potency marijuana has many risks like IQ loss, dwindling of athletic performance, poor driving, and your overall life could be affected.  Medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma indicate the potency of their products. That is why you should get a doctor’s recommendation or work with the lowest possible potency, provided it is effective. Always look at the labels before you make your purchase.

2. Avoid synthetic products

There are human-made cannabinoids, and they should be avoided. Many of them have been used as alternatives to natural marijuana, and you should avoid being a victim of these. Synthetic products are toxic and cause a lot of health issues. 

While they may exhibit effects similar to marijuana, like relaxation, they also have extreme effects. For instance, they cause extreme confusion and paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations. Some of the health effects you need to be concerned about include irritability, depression, vomiting, and even suicidal thoughts. 

Overdose on synthetic products has even more devastating effects. We are talking about high blood pressure, seizures, kidney damage, and a decline in blood supply to the heart. These products are also highly addictive and should be avoided.

To avoid being sold these products, make your purchase at a legitimate dispensary that is in Altus, Oklahoma. Ensure that you also take time to read the labels for ingredients.

3. Choose other methods of consumption other than smoking

While smoking is one of the most common consumption methods for medical marijuana, it would be best to explore safer alternatives. This will prevent respiratory issues. You can use edibles, topicals, or even vaping. 

You can also consult your doctor to recommend the best way to consume medical cannabis for your treatment.

4. Avoid using a water pipe

Bongs and water pipes are often used for the consumption of medical cannabis. For one, the water absorbs THC with the time of use which can cause psychotic effects. Also, there is a possibility of inhaling the water vapor, which ends up in your lungs. 

The materials used to make the bongs and pipes can also produce toxic fumes.


It is vital to research the different types of medical cannabis products, their effects, and their risks. This will keep you on a path of safe cannabis consumption.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.