Clenbuterol gel is sold in the marketas Oralject Clair Gel and it has gained huge popularity for losing weight and enhancing the overall performance.It is actually a bronchodilator medicationfor veterinary which is used by bodybuilders to lose that extra weight and get a toned body. When compared with HGH or steroids it is not that powerfuland not recommended for people who are planning to participate in any competition. But before you use the product, you should be well aware of its probable side effects.

How it works

Clenbuterol which is a sympathomimetic agent has inadvertently become popular amongst athletesfor dropping their body fat and helping them attain a dream body. Clenbuterol gel taken for bodybuilding stimulates the Beta-2 receptors in your body. On being stimulated, these receptors instigate the internal temperature to rise which in turn boosts the body’s metabolic rate. So, ultimately the entire process triggers the total amount of fat burned throughout the day irrespective of whether your body is active or ideal. Apart from these, the product also prevents the muscle tissues from consuming energy. So, ultimately the product not only focuses on converting the stored fat as energy thus helping you to lose that extra fat but also enhances the mass of lean muscles.

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The recommended dosage

Irrespective of whether you are on tablets or gel, the dosage is the same. The most effective way to prevent insomnia is to take Oralject Clair Gel early in the morning. If you take it late in the evening it will interrupt with your sleep pattern. It is always recommended to start your cycle with a very low dose. It helps your body to get accustomed to the drug gradually.You can choose the two days on/off cycle of Clen gel to lose the body fat. In this option, you should normally consume around 20 – 40mcg of the drug for 2 – 3 weeks at a stretch. At the end of this time frame, you can boost the dosage level to 40 -60 mcg. The process should be repeated and the dosage eventually increased.

Why choose the gel form and not the tablets

Normally, which form to use depends a lot on one’s personal preference.For veterinary usage, the product in the form of gel is preferred more, but for human usage, tablets are more popular as they are specially designed for this purpose. Since Clen gel is originally designed for animals, the dosage instruction on the label is also for animals. This makes it difficult for the human to understand the correct dosage he should follow. Moreover, the gel is measured in ml and not mcg. So, if Clenbuterol gel taken for bodybuildingyou should have a clear idea that 1 ml is equal to 200mcg and calculate accordingly. Measuring the exact amount by calculating in this way is a real challenge. But you should be aware that, just like tablets even the gel form has its own side effects and sometimes the risk is higher with the use of gel. So, if you decide to use Clenbuterol gel, it is recommended that you try out both the gel and the tablet form, see the results, side effects etc. and decide which suits you the best.

By Skyler West

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