When it comes to beauty, there are quite a lot of treatments these days, but the truth is that not all of them are exactly what they say, and that is why you should be very considerate when it comes to the choices of treatments or procedures.


One of the best procedures when it comes to taking care of your fat in your both upper and lower body is the modern coolsculpting procedure. It is a very simple and painless process which uses science to make your fat cells go away by applying cold temperatures to the area of your body where you wish to get rid of the fat.

Because the procedure is non-surgical, there is nothing to fear, and you can take multiple treatments in a shorter period. You can find coolsculpting in Templestowe from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or your local modern beauty center, but due to its popularity, you will probably have to schedule a treatment for a near future instead of immediate service.

There are many variances when it comes to this procedure, and the length, as well as the temperature,are the things that change during those variances. It is also possible to ask for other procedures that center offers as long as they are on a different area, and if it is, of course, also a non-surgical procedure.

While you are under the procedure, you can entertain yourself in any way that you like such as using your phone or tablet to watch an episode of your favorite TV show, or perhaps talk with your friends, it is completely up to you as long as you don’t move the areawhere cold is aimed at.

Make yourself more attractive with coolsculpting

Thread Lifting

While the coolsculpting can make all the areas besides your head beautiful, thread lifting will take perfect care of your face. While there are non-surgical ways to undergo a thread lifting procedure, the best ones usually are the surgical ones.

A thread lift Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne today is quite affordable when compared with the costs in the past when this procedure was not practiced by many. Today there are a lot of qualified professionals who can do this procedure as the technology allows a much easier and safer way to perform both surgical and non-surgical version of this procedure.

What is thread lifting? During this procedure, a doctor is going to insert threads into your skin, most commonly on your face, however, it is also possible to insert them into your neck as well. The threads will tighten your skin, and they will make it look and feel as smooth as it was when you were younger, which makes this treatment perfect for women who are in their middle or senior years.

The duration of the treatment is quite short as it takes between ten and thirty minutes, which is a very small amount of time when the results stick around for a year and six months. Unlike the coolsculpting, this procedure does have some recovery time as there is a chance that you will experience a little bit of swelling or slight discomfort in the area where the threads were inserted.

Swift changes after a single treatment

Final Word

As the technology advances, so do the ways that we can choose to make ourselves look more beautiful. While there are quite a lot of controversies when it comes to both surgical and non-surgical beauty treatments, if doing one of those procedures will make you happy, then it is probably a right choice.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.