There is nothing that can ruin your life as drugs. Drugs not only harm your body severely, but your dependence on them also makes you weak as a person, lowers your self-confidence, and gravely affects your relationships with others. However, with some effort, help, and proper guidance, it is possible to put an end to your drug usage problems.

Let us look at a few steps on how to quit drug:

  1. Admit to having a Problem: Most cases of drug abuse persist because the user is in denial. He or she refuses to admit that she is addicted to drugs and that they need to stop and recover. Identifying that you have a problem and admitting to it is the first step in the direction of how to quit drug [วิธีเลิกยาไอซ์, which is the term in Thai]. It is only by admitting you have a problem that you can start making an effort to quit drug usage.
  2. Develop a Hobby: It is very important that you develop a hobby so that you have something to keep you occupied. Relapses are more likely to occur in the initial stages of quitting, so it is crucial that you have some sort of activity that can keep you distractedwhen you are tempted to relapse into using drugs again.
  3. Build a Support system: Despite the sheer strength of will that it takes to stop substance abuse, it is easy to get disheartened. Majority of people fall off the wagon because they lost the will to carry on the midway. It is, therefore, essential to have a proper support system made up of friends and family. They can help you stay firm and provide you moral support when you feel like giving up.
  4. Consider joining a Rehabilitation clinic: Rehabilitation clinics have doctors and counsellors who are specially trained to help you get back on your feet. They help you stick to your withdrawal plan. They have medical professionals who help you control withdrawal symptoms and dieticians who help you restore your health and get back to your normal life. There are also group therapy sessions where you can get together with like-minded people, people who are also on the journey to sobriety. Here you can share your success story and hear those of others that serve as inspiration for all the members of the group.

With the right motivation and the right treatment, it is easy to stop substance abuse. Drug addiction is a serious problem that plagues the world today but if done right, quitting drugs is the key to a happy and successful life and a productive future.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.