There is a severe need for people in the dental industry; especially in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area. There are only three schools in the area which is a shockingly low number compared to the population. There are approximately seven million people in the area; seven million mouths for three schools. The reason for the discrepancy, you ask?  The population boom in the area from 2005 to present went from one million to seven million. That is six million people in thirteen years; so let’s just say there is a growing need for dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants.

It is a little known fact that a dental assistant actually does much more in the dental office than a hygienist and goes to school for less than half of the time of a hygienist. A dental hygienist is the person who cleans flosses and treats your teeth. They do exactly what s in their title; educate and assist in oral hygiene.

A dental assistant can go to school right in Dallas for as little as ten weeks and make about $30,000 as an entry level dental assistant. Not bad at all in this job market and economy. It sure sounds a lot better than getting a bachelor’s degree over four years and $40,000 later you discover that your degree means nothing without experience and having to take a minimum wage job fresh out of school. This is a reality for a huge percentage of college grads.

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Dental assistant schools can be a dime a dozen but the Dallas Dental Assistant School has an advanced program that includes everything a student will need before they sit down for their board exam. Graduates of the Dallas Dental Assistant School get jobs almost immediately after passing their exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant.

Dental offices want to hire dental assistants that require the least amount of on-the-job training (like most other employers). It is extremely beneficial to be able to list CPR certification and HIPPA training on a resume; trainings provided by the Dallas Dental Assistant school.  The school also offers a variety of internship programs that will set you apart from most other job applicants for higher paying positions. A dental assistant in Dallas can make more than $50,000 if they have the right amount of experience and training. That is a $20,000 difference between you and other dental assistants in the area if you take your certifications, training and internship seriously.

The Dallas Dental Assistant School’s fast-tracked, ten week program is great for parents as they can complete it while their children are on summer break or get it done and out of the way while their children are still in daycare.

A career as a dental assistant may also open the door in the future to opportunities to become a dentist if one is interested. Some practices will even offer to help pay for dental school if you have proven yourself to be an excellent and valuable employee.

So, go for it! There really are no excuses for not pursuing your dream to be in the dental industry in Dallas, Texas.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.