Strombafort is an anabolic drug that contains Stanozolol, which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. The drug has been used medically for treating burns and injuries, before and after surgical conditions, infectious diseases, anemia and angioedema & to recover from ailments faster. As an AAS, Strombafort provides quality muscle mass to the bodybuilders, athletes. This drug provides moderate androgenic & high anabolic effects. Besides, human usage, some veterinarians prescribe Stanazolol to the weakened animals to increase the red blood cell production, bone density, muscle growth, appetite.

Strombafort 50 mg is usually used by bodybuilders in cutting cycle before the competition. Strombafort 50mg cycle preserves lean muscle mass and utilizes the fat tissues to produce energy. The drug contributes strong, lean with quality muscle physique. This AAS is also used by women despite its androgenic effects at low doses. Though it’s a milder AAS, still it results with strength and agility. Strombafort Stanozolol is capable of maintaining energy even during the lack of calories. It accelerates protein synthesis and available in the forms of pills, tablets, and injections. Though injections provide the results faster, still the side effects should be considered. Strombafort pill form provides the same results with soft and safe. The drug helps immensely in calcium, nutrition absorption, controls water retention, potassium, and sulfur.

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Strombafort dose, cycle, and stacks

Strombafort can be used as a standalone or stacked with other drugs. As a standalone, men generally follow 25-50 mg and women use to follow 5-10 mg due to its mild androgenic nature. The Strombafort Stanazolol men cycle may be taken till 6-8 weeks with no interruption. Since the half life of Strombafort is 8 hours, it is not necessary to have breakouts. Women can adopt 4-6 weeks. The expected results would be visible after two weeks of the cycle.

500 mg Testosterone per week with 50 mg Strombafort Stanazolol per day may be taken for 12 weeks. You may stick to 1-8 weeks with Equipoise 400 mg per week and from 7-12 weeks Strombafort 50 mg per day cycle as stacking. This cycle doubles the power of Strombafort Stanazolol. However, the downside effects should be kept in mind in such stacks.

Strombafort downside effects

The drug impacts on the lipid profile negatively. People who use this AAS should properly monitor their cholesterol levels till the completion of the cycle and take a proper action to regain the health. There are several reported androgenic effects such as male pattern baldness, prostate enlargement. Since it does not convert into estrogen, there is no need to worry about water retention, Gynecomastia. Acne, voice deepening, and other hormonal disorders are found among women users.

Buying sources:

There are various online pharmaceutical and websites sell Strombafort Stanazolol at different prices. The product is available from 10 mg onwards. Some sites and companies provide free shipping on bulk purchase. However, the users should read the reviews, comments, bodybuilding forums to avoid the fake products in order to obtain the original product. If you feel any discomfort in Strombafort 50 mg cycle, then reduce the dose and try it out.

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