No matter what sort of steroid you consume, you need to know how it would impact your body. As they beneficial towards giving you what you want, or does it add more trouble. The IGF-1 is known as insulin like growth factor-1. You can commonly see it in the drugstore with nutritional supplements and in websites all around the world.

IGF-1 Side Effects Reviews

The insulin like growth factor-1 is actually a human protein, which is known for improving lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat. You can ingest the drug through several foods, which is incorporated everyday along with the supplements you have. However, there is always an incidence of negative effects so you need to be careful about what you consume and how. The growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland, and it is a small pea-sized gland that in the base on our brain.

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The hormone then manufacturers in our liver by sending the following messages that is sent by the pituitary glands growth hormone and it synthesizes production. IGF-1 is nothing new with regard to the use for treating adolescents and children who have less of growth hormones. The use of the drug as a bodybuilding and weightlifting supplement along with its use in different forms by athletes has always been a controversial topic. Some people say that the drug gives amazing benefits, while the others claim that it doesn’t work.

People respond to drugs differently and there are many side effects of them that need to come into consideration. You have to keep your age, weight, level of exercise and lifestyle in mind, before using this. For animals, the growth hormone has been seen to give an ability to improve muscle growth and healing. It helps them cure injuries in tendons, ligaments and muscles.  The drug has been one of the best options for anti-aging, but it commonly related with athletes who wish to get quick gains and improve stamina and endurance.

IGF-1 Side Effects

There are many side effects and people have to be cautious about hormone replacement. Hormones leave an impact on many hormonal glands of the endocrine system and that can affect more than one hormones, body systems, and body organs.

Some of the common side effects of the sprays include classified as short-term as well as long term. It must be noted that there are many studies regarding the effects of the drug, and they have not been tested for human use. The drug is observed more on animals and it is recommended for them. For instance, you can have a short-term side effect that calls hypoglycemia.

The hormone of IGF-1 might interfere and interrupt production and functioning on insulin – the hormone responsible for maintaining levels of glucose in our body. There are also side effects that last longer, and these are like suppression and breakdown of proteins, preserving skeletal muscle, but that can include better bone growth and contribute to acromegaly.

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