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Running can be used to achieve the following goals:

Slimming, fat burning. Running is an effective tool for burning calories, as well as accelerating the metabolism and normalizing the hormonal system, which together leads to rapid fat burning.

Keeping fit, improving health. In the West, running is part of a healthy lifestyle that is being introduced to the masses at the state level. Running allows you to improve the quality of life, improve mood on an ongoing basis by releasing hormones of happiness, and also increase the life expectancy by 10-15 years. Running is a prophylaxis against cardiovascular diseases, from which about 75% of people aged 40 and over die. The condition of the musculoskeletal system improves, all internal organs work better thanks to regular jogging.

A set of muscle mass. Fast running allows you to increase muscle mass of the legs and buttocks, as well as increase the level of anabolic hormones in the blood, which favorably affects the ability to gain muscle mass. Sprinting can increase testosterone levels in men by 20-30%. Sprinting is useful not only for muscle gain, but also for improving men’s well-being.

Running goals may vary. At the same time, all running trainings are built around the same principles with which you can understand the essence of running and understand the training process.

The principle of progression of loads

The principle of progression of loads is the fundamental knowledge in sport in general, and running in particular. The principle of progression of loads states: the training load must be regularly increased until the result suits you.

After 50 training sessions, the differences between the athletes are so great that no one believes in their equal start at the same time. The second athlete gained 5-10 kilograms of muscle mass, threw off about 10-15 kilograms of fat (if he was overweight), improved the condition of the cardiovascular system and all internal organs. It looks fresh and attractive.

The first runner, thanks to regular training, also improved his life. He did not gain muscle mass, burned about 4 kilograms of fat and improved his health a little.

These schemes are designed to gain muscle mass and lose weight. Continued in a few sections below.

When to run? Principle of supercompensation

The principle of supercompensation regulates the frequency of training, allows you to progress at the fastest pace.

The training process is divided into the following stages:

Trauma to muscle fibers, stress for all body systems – training. In this phase, the body receives stress, which it has to cope with in order to achieve training progress.

Recovery. Muscles and other participants in the workout begin to recover immediately after the lesson. After the completion of the recovery phase, the body is at the same level as before training. The athlete is able to perform the same amount of work as before the workout.

Supercompensation. The body seeks to cope with stress, and for this creates a “reserve”. A reserve of muscle mass, strength, endurance, performance. With the help of the created reserve, an athlete can go beyond his capabilities, perform a larger amount of work than in the previous training, at the expense of a similar amount of energy. The principle of supercompensation is constant training in this phase. Training only makes sense in the supercompensation phase!

Loss of supercompensation. Running for beginners often becomes either torture or a hobby that causes overtraining, working in the recovery phase constantly, and not getting the result. Loss of supercompensation is too rare Clenbuterol at, undertraining. Lazy newcomers who tend to postpone training “for later” fall into this phase. In the phase of loss of supercompensation, the athlete’s body returns to its original level.

So it may look in practice:

  • Monday. Training
  • Exercise
  • The approaches
  • Duration in minutes
  • Rest in minutes after approach
  • Rest in minutes after exercise
  • Easy pace

Note: the athlete can give 120% and repeat the training result in the recovery phase, or make an effort and achieve better results without supercompensation. In the tables, we assume that the runner spends the same amount of energy in every workout.

Due to supercompensation, the subjective severity of training does not change, subject to the principle of progression of loads and objective improvement of results.

With experience, you will learn how to define supercompensation intuitively. For now, use the following symptoms:

Lack of muscle pain. Muscle pain is a sign of the recovery process. In running for weight loss, slight discomfort is acceptable. About this – below.

Lack of mental severity. After training in this state, I want to give up everything and sleep for the next 48 hours. A sign of overtrained nervous system. Not to be confused with laziness.

Running for beginners is the observance of the principle of progression of loads in the supercompensation phase. These workouts can be easily integrated into your lifestyle, to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time with a minimum of discomfort.

The principle of light training

A training principle that is important to speed up the process of losing weight. Between hard workouts, taking into account the principle of progression of loads, we carry out light jogging. What does it give:

Burning calories. Light workouts burn less calories than heavy and intense ones, but there is an effect.

Health improvement. Metabolism accelerates, general health improves. The lymphatic system works better, swelling and other consequences of a sedentary lifestyle disappear. The state of the cardiovascular system improves. The hormonal system works more efficiently, fat burns faster.

Muscles come in tone, more energy appears. Training is the source of dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone of motivation and happiness, a high level of which is expressed in increasing energy and vitality.

Training is restorative. Easy jogging accelerates muscle recovery and does not strain the nervous system.

Constant training leads to the release of hormones of happiness and motivation, which make a person a more active person. If you strike a balance between hard and light workouts, you can achieve a lot in improving life efficiency.

We carry out light training for our pleasure. The main thing is not to delay them, and to work for your own pleasure. Running for beginners is possible without light training, but with the addition of variety, work efficiency increases.

Gradual principle

Running for beginners often turns into a life acceleration, with the help of which a person tries to achieve the task in a week or two, and forget about running forever. Such training is ineffective for the following reasons:

The result is not achieved. 30 kilograms of fat that accumulated over 30 years of gluttony do not burn in 7-14 days. This is unrealistic from a scientific point of view. Even a concentration camp prisoner cannot lose all his weight in such a short time. The optimal weight loss rate for people whose weight does not exceed 100 kilograms is 2 kilograms per week. The less weight, the slower the athlete loses weight.

Lost weight returns quickly. Running for beginners is a gradual correction of the figure with the help of small loads. Emergency weight loss is associated with loss of water, a decrease in the volume of internal organs, loss of muscle mass. The fat burning rate does not increase. You rejoice at losing 5 kilograms per week without realizing that only 1 kilogram out of 5 is fat. Water and muscles return quickly, as does fat. The result – 7 days of torment and no result.

An organism that is not used to physical exertion experiences overstress from infernal training. The nervous system wears out, disturbances in the hormonal system occur, the general condition of the body worsens, mood disappears, overtraining and apathy ensue. In response to these conditions, the metabolism slows down, the body directs all efforts to eliminate the source of “trouble” – training. The level of cortisol rises, which makes you quit sports, give up on running.

Running for beginners is a gradual increase in objective load. Without jerking, step by step, we go to the goal, enjoying the process.

Running for beginners. General recommendations

The following recommendations will help you start training, achieve your goals as soon as possible, and begin to enjoy running training:

Do not give up training in the first month, regardless of the circumstances. Study the Motivation section on the website to understand: “I want, I don’t want”, this is just a reflection of the hormonal and nervous systems, which out of habit reject everything new. After 3-4 weeks, the habit of training is formed, the pleasure of the process of working on yourself increases. Most beginners do not get to the line, after which training begins to bring pleasure.

Use the principles of healthy lifestyle and healthy eating to increase your workout efficiency. A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition change not only the speed of progress, but also your hormonal background, which is involved in the formation of thought forms. The right way of life increases the effectiveness of a person in any endeavors.

Examine the hormonal system to understand how to avoid overtraining at the beginning of running training.

Get running weight loss and muscle building programs. Learn about the differences in running training for different goals.

Adjust the worldview to fit your goals. Get rid of false attitudes, release additional energy for training.

Do not dwell on what time of day you need to run. The main thing is compliance with the training program. The rest are details that can be neglected.

Do not train for illness and less than 3 days after recovery. Think of the disease as a vacation that you need to use to restore and improve your body.

Newbie Running Training Programs

We continue to analyze the training schemes that you met in the section “The principle of progression of loads.”

Running for beginners – these are principles with the help of which you can take training to a new level. Understanding the above principles puts you in a row with experienced athletes who work on themselves for 2-3 years. They came to such training through trial and error. You do not need to make these mistakes.

Continue to progress until the result is 100% satisfactory. Then – continue to work in a static fashion, keeping fit.

This program is designed to lose weight and gain muscle mass. To improve health, you need to slow down. To keep fit, work out according to a static program, without using the principle of progression of loads.

One program can be repeated several times. From 1 to 5 workouts in one program – until you completely complete the specified amount of work and feel comfortable when doing the workout. Do not proceed to the next scheme until you have completed the previous one.

Running programs can be combined with strength training. The combination of bodybuilding or fitness with jogging is the best way to lose weight and gain muscle mass. A similar combination also develops the cardiovascular, respiratory and other body systems.

These programs are suitable for both men and women. The only difference is the speed of progress. A girl will progress on average 2-3 times slower than a man. This applies to the rate of increase in load and muscle gain. The rate of weight loss is independent of gender.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.