When the use of alcohol or other drugs affects different aspects of a person’s life, they may have a substance use disorder or addiction. Here are some examples of behaviors that recognize these problems in a person:

  • It decreases participation in important social, occupational or leisure activities or abandons them altogether because of its consumption.
  • She takes risks while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. For example, she may have unprotected sex, drive a car, play sports, and so on.
  • His family relationships, love or friendship are difficult.
  • It must consume more and more to achieve the same effect.
  • She spends a lot of time trying to obtain alcohol or drugs, consume or recover from the effects of her drinking.
  • It consumes more than expected or for longer than expected.
  • She continues to consume even if she has physical or psychological problems that may have been caused or aggravated by her use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Despite her will or efforts, she has difficulty reducing her consumption or setting limits when she consumes.

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Effects of Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs take a lot of place in our society, to the point where it seems trivial to consume. Whether for pleasure, to try or to forget about your problems, there are all sorts of reasons to drink alcohol or take drugs. The problem is that sometimes it can hurt us or have consequences for those around us: distress, violence, road accident, dropping out of school, health problems, etc.

It is better to be informed when you decide to consume. For this reason, you will find here links to sites that will allow you to learn a little more. And if you think that your current consumption is causing you trouble or that someone around you needs help, do not hesitate to contact the mentioned resources.Essential information to remember, it is not always easy to stop using tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

Ask for advice or help from a health professional to get there.

During your pregnancy survey, your health care provider will ask you some questions about your use of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. You may feel judged, guilty or uncomfortable if you tell him that you consume one of these products, but rest assured, these questions are intended to allow you:

  • To inform you;
  • To talk about your worries about the consequences of this consumption on your health or that of your baby;
  • To have help if you want to stop;
  • To be referred to specialists if you need additional help.

By Skyler West

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