Rebound is an independent project with the underlying mission of freeing people from the side effects of prescribed medicine. The main aim is to aid and ease the withdrawal from prescribed medicines, which are still remaining as a major part of your life. Medicine is indeed a necessity especially when you are suffering from illness but only up to a certain dosage or time. After that, if you plan to continue with the same medicine for long that can cause some serious issues later. So, to avoid falling into this pitfall and taking control of yourself, this app came into being.

A perfect life-changer:

Suffering from medicine depdency is the last thing you can probably ask for. Medicines are mixture of chemical compounds, used for targeting certain parts or hormonal balances in your body. Taking in too much can lead to some serious issues and can cause some problems later. It will start hampering your body and mind, at the same time. So, this Rebound app will help you to take control of this situation and can present you with impressive response. All you have to do is just donate a specific amount for the app, and you might preorder for it. You will end up fully featured application for help.

Avoid relying on medical substances:

Medicines have the power to alter hormonal changes in your body, which will eventually lead to some serious drastic results. Whenever you are trying to experience medicine dependency, you can feel the body, brain and mind relying on the medicine dosages, giving rise to side effects. This is a common problem among those, who are currently undergoing long term medical treatment. So, whenever you are trying to get along with the best results and avoid falling into this mishap, you just need to pre-order for this app. It will reach you feature loaded.

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By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.