Pets are the best friend that one can ever have at their home. From all the minerals, vitamins, protein, water, carbohydrates everything should be taken into consideration while taking care and giving the nutritious diet to your dog. People are unaware that in dog’s nutrition there are 37 different essential nutrients included.

 In the market, there are various prepared food is available and they are completely manufactured and carefully formulated. You can have the wet or the moist food or the dry food as per your dog’s choice. Sometimes various reasons come in front by that your dog suffers from the various health issues.

Heartworms are the common problem that dogs suffer from and due to this the symptoms get worse and to recover from that particular disease you have the Heartgard but for the rest of the symptoms like weight loss, weakness, feeling lethargy and loss of appetite it becomes very important to give all the nutrition for better health and recovery.

Giving your dog well deserved dog treat that helps in building up your bond. But sometimes feeding too many of the treats can result in weight problems. What you can have and what not for your dog to have a healthy body:

  • Raw Meat– People usually serves the raw meat to their dogs and this can contain harmful bacteria that can make your dog ill.
  • Human Food– Human being has a different digestive system if compared to the dogs. But if you want to give the home cooked food occasionally then you should be chosen in that too like you can give white chicken with all bones removed and this can be a good source of protein.
  • Food Supplements- If you feel that your dog is going well then it is not necessary to give then the extra supplement is not necessary but in case of the sickness and you want your dog to recover fast then extra supplements can work on this way.

Many times it is seen that ignorance in taking care of the pet can result in getting contracted with many of the diseases. Heartworms, giardia, distemper are some of the problems that an owner can experience in their dogs. Heartworms caused by the bite of the mosquitoes and this can lead to the severity when you don’t give your dog monthly Heartgard.

The disease you can easily treat by giving the medicines but it becomes very difficult to overcome the symptoms that usually affect the pets and goes slow. To make dog recover fast and to keep the body healthy as before it is very important to have a healthy and balanced diet which should include all the nutrients. Pets are your responsibility and you should take it granted, many times it happens that you can lose your best friend forever just because of your ignorance. Take care of your pet and serves them the best food full of nutrients and love too.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.