Steroids are most popular in bodybuilding, athletic community. Finding the quality AAS is tough since there are many counterfeit products are wandering in the market. Especially popular anabolic androgenic supplements have prevalently available as fake products. So, buying safe and legal steroid are vital. Many of us will have a question that Where to get steroids? There are many sources available. Some are with restrictions and some are restriction free.

Steroid types

When we discuss about steroids, there are two forms. One is corticosteroids and another is anabolic androgenic steroids. Corticosteroids are mostly used therapeutics whereas anabolic androgenic drugs are used both in Therapeutics and bodybuilding. Corticosteroids help to treat chronic inflammatory conditions, immunity dysfunction, allergy, asthma, multiple sclerosis, etc. It is certainly prescribed by the doctors for medical usage. Anabolic androgenic drugs are used by bodybuilders for physical and performance enhancement. Though this usage has been banned by the sports community, still the gym rats, professional use AAS to increase strength, improve stamina, cutting fat, and maintaining physique. If the user possesses a proper prescription to buy anabolic drug, then it is very easy. He/she may visit straightly to the pharmacy and purchase it legally.

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Where to get steroids?

All anabolic androgenic drugs need a proper prescription, only then one can buy them easily. These AAS have been classified under Controlled III substance by most of the countries. It means the drugs have the potential to be misused. There are umpteen sources to buy AAS. Many online stores, black markets, underground labs manufacture and sell the products. Pharmaceutical grade AAS is considered as original products which could be obtained by only with a Doctor’s prescription. Users who do not get a prescription, try out from black markets, underground sources. There is no surety about the purity of the product. Because of many countries like India, Philipines, Indonesia, China manufacture AAS under the quality. Most of them do not have a proper manufacturing setup. So, the product may be found with fillers, poor quality ingredients that would even cause fatalities. Some dealers can take huge risks to supply original anabolic drugs with no prescription to the users where the side effects of AAS should be remembered. You may come across many recommended bodybuilding gear websites while doing a google. However, scrutinizing the site, product, manufacturer, ingredients are quite important before purchase.

An alternative to AAS:

When one fails to get a proper prescription and do not want to go for fake products, then the best solution is legal alternatives to anabolic supplements. This legal alternative is available without a prescription and capable of producing the same effects of AAS without any dangerous side effects. Most of the ingredients in the legal alternatives are derived from natural herbs which help in increasing energy, endurance, stamina, weight loss, ripped or bulky body stature. Other than all, the bodybuilders, athletes may try natural foods, calorie diets, and proper workouts to achieve their desired goal instead of taking risks with AAS. Though there are many recommended bodybuilding gear websites available for AAS, still the users can try it out naturally for safeguarding themselves.


By Skyler West

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