Timely immunization is a pre-requisite for staying healthy. Immunization is basically a process, where a person is made resistant to any infectious/specific disease with the usage of a vaccine. In turn, vaccines provide the body with a shield and protect from subsequent happening of that particular disease. In this context, one of the growing trends is that of an Immunization Clinic. The immunization clinic is a drop-in-centre and no pre appointment is required. These services not only provide immunizations but also take an added step and advice parents and children visiting the hospital. The service is free of cost for routine vaccines exception being non routine or exceptional vaccinations, which may cost a fee.

Contrary to the common thinking, immunization clinics not only cater toddlers/children, but also are available for adults. Some of the immunizations for adults provided by immunization clinic are as enlisted:

  • Adults having chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, lung, kidney diseases and alike.
  • Immunizations for travel to certain specific countries/locations.
  • Incomplete childhood immunization
  • Periodic energy booster immunization
  • Vaccines for mothers for preventing transmission to babies who are too young to be immunized.
  • Seasonal disease immunizations like swine flu, etc.

Immunization clinics are run by expert and dedicated team who have a vast knowledge of all kinds of vaccines, their risk factors as well as the side effects varying on the body structure of the person taking the vaccine. Recommendation of vaccines is done keeping individual’s age, medication history, health status and the like. Follow-ups are also taken and reminder about next dose is given by the clinic itself. These clinics are staffed by authorized nurses, who in addition with, the doctors offer a wide comprehensive immunization services. In short, an immunization clinic provides services with convenience and care catering to any age group as a whole.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.