You should buy your weed from a reputable dispensary because it guarantees that the products go through lab testing for harmful chemicals such as herbicides and metals. That is the only way to ensure you buy quality weed apart from examining it at the dispensary. As more states legalize marijuana, more dispensaries have cropped up over the years. That makes it challenging to pick the best one to suit your marijuana needs.

You can simply find a dispensary by searching for marijuana near me on google and see the options available in your location. Then, you can narrow it down by evaluating the following factors.


The first thing you need to check when evaluating a marijuana dispensary is the licensing. You don’t wish to be on the wrong side of the law by buying your Marijuana products from an illegitimate dispensary. Also, a license assures you that the dispensary adheres to the state cannabis regulations, such as third-party lab testing of the products for harmful chemicals.

The quality of marijuana products they sell

The key active ingredients in cannabis are CBD and THC. THC is the component that produces the high effect and is mainly found in higher levels in recreational marijuana, while CBD has a healing effect. Evaluating the quality of cannabis the dispensary sells can tell you if they are trustworthy. The products should be well labeled to help you know the THC: CBD ratio in every strain before purchasing. It is also best to choose a dispensary that stocks a variety of strains so that you have various options to choose from. Remember, the higher the quality of cannabis, the higher the price.

Customer service

One of the factors you want to evaluate is how knowledgeable the staff at the dispensary are. Will they be able to help you find the cannabis products and strains to give you the desired effect? You may be overwhelmed at the multiple strains and variety of cannabis products available in a dispensary, so a knowledgeable budtender can provide valuable guidance, especially if getting started with marijuana. You also need to consider other customer services such as online ordering and delivery, which simplifies how you get your marijuana products.

Customer reviews

Another thing that comes to play when evaluating a marijuana dispensary is the customer reviews. They tell you more about the dispensary, quality of products, customer service, and what to expect as a customer. They can help you determine if the dispensary is trustworthy or not. Previous customers are the only ones who can ascertain if what the dispensary claims to offer is genuine. Beware of red flags and look out for dispensaries with positive customer reviews.


Last but not least, it is best to pick a marijuana dispensary near you for ease of shopping. Due to the LA regulations, you cannot purchase many marijuana products at one time, which means you have to shop more often. It is more convenient if the dispensary is near your residence or workplace.


Choose a licensed marijuana dispensary near you, with quality products and excellent customer service.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.