This time of year signals new beginnings and resolutions, so it’s one of the most natural times for smokers to attempt quitting for good.

One of the most current methods being used to quit is vaping, which has continued to grow in popularity in recent years.

Cigarettes, as well documented, contain cancer-causing chemicals and are even coined ‘death sticks’ by some. But despite the sinister nickname, quitting smoking can still be extremely difficult for users.

If the urge is too much and you just need a drag, you could consider heat not burn cigarettes as a far healthier alternative. They’re a great in-between when you’re looking to kick traditional cigarettes once and for all.

But what exactly is a heat not burn product such as an electronic tobacco vaporizer? And how does it differ from traditional cigarettes? Read on to find out:

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What exactly are heat not burn cigarettes?

With heat not burn cigarettes, the tobacco within is only heated and not burnt, like it’s traditional counterpart.

When you heat the tobacco to a certain temperature, you’re able to vape tobacco, and inhale it in a much healthier way.

The benefit for those unable to quit entirely, is that nicotine is present in heat not burn products, so you can maintain the same level of satisfaction.

Less harmful

Without doubt, the most dreadful element of smoking is the harmful chemicals you consume.

When you turn to heated tobacco as an alternative, you will be consuming significantly fewer chemicals as well as dodging some of the most harmful ones such as carbon monoxide and tar.

Vaping is certainly regarded better than smoking. In fact, vaping is encouraged to stop smokers inhaling such harmful chemicals, with heat not burn cigarettes releasing less harmful chemicals in vape form.

Difference in experience

When you’ve first quit smoking you can certainly tell the difference between the real thing and when you vape tobacco.

However, by moving immediately onto heat not burn cigarettes instead of flavoured e cig liquids, you’re getting a healthier version of the true smoking experience.

This is why products like an electronic tobacco vaporizer, are becoming more and more popular over time, as they help reduce the withdrawal symptoms that smokers face.

As heated tobacco products cater to the needs of smokers, this makes the chances of quitting even greater!

Natural Alternatives

Heat not burn cigarettes give you the chance to vape loose leaf tobacco, which is a natural substance, and for smokers with significant urges, flavoured e-liquids may not be enough to suppress them due to their lack of similarity to the real thing.

The Propylene Glycol (PG) in e liquids also don’t agree with some people, as they can cause allergic reactions, so by opting to vape tobacco when you’re in the process of quitting, you’re inhaling something that you know agrees with you.

If you’re looking to quit smoking for good, then vaping is certainly a fantastic starting point.  A tobacco vaporiser certainly offers consumers a satisfying vaping experience whilst relieving those withdrawal symptoms.

By investing in these smoking alternatives, or a vape pen, you could be well on your way to never picking up an actual cigarette again.

By Piper

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.