Today many folks are firmly wedded to programs of health and physical conditioning.  People join health and fitness clubs, visit gyms for regular workouts and go jogging or biking on a regular basis.  All of this is done to achieve and maintain a healthy physical condition.  Many members join using a Groupon promo code or coupon that gets a family membership at a fitness club for a reduced rate.  Obtaining this membership can be the first step towards developing a regular fitness routine that can become part of the program to maintain the health and condition of every member of the family.

Of course, regular exercise and conditioning is done for different purposes.  Many do it to achieve and maintain a desired weight level, others desire to build up tolerance and endurance, while still others seek to develop an attractive physique.  Of course, the pursuit of the perfect physique has lasted as long as mankind itself.  One lady who is a devoted member of a particular fitness club explained to her fellow members that she had joined nearly a decade ago with the intent of “losing one or two pounds” so she would look good at her job; she then stayed so she would keep her husband proud of her appearance.  Another member retorted that she’d never engage in physical exercise just to satisfy the demands of a husband because she felt that was a form of gender discrimination.  Others disagreed, one saying the necklace from Kay Jewelers that she wore was a gift of love from her husband rather than a symbol of male dominance.

The first woman withheld comment while the discussion took place around her.  They voiced their different views back and forth while she concentrated on doing her reps and tightening her abdomen.  Somebody nearby finally nodded towards the group and smiled.  Despite their assertions of liberated views and philosophies, all were using their time and energy to achieve similar objectives; even if for varying purposes.  For her, the opportunity to look as attractive as possible wearing the accessories her husband bought her from Kay Jewelers were sufficient reason to continue engaging in her workouts, knowing how much happier she’d be to see the pleasure on his face and the pride in his eyes when she looked her finest during their nights out on the town.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.