Contrary to a hundred years ago, beauty standards nowadays have changed. Just tenth years ago in one part of Europe, hairy armpit is considered beauty. Today, however, a woman is considered well-groomed only if she is hairless. When discussing the method to remove hair, permanent laser treatment is not just hype. It works by giving off a strong laser light that will destroy hair follicles, hence giving hair no chance to grow. Imagine Superman’s laser eye that kills the roots of a plant. That’s an analogy as to how the laser treatment works, but without the dying part. 

Let me walk you through the treatment process. As a starter, a laser hair removal treatment requires you to shave a day beforehand so the hair length is about 1-2mm. This allows the laser pulse light to detect the root of the hair ie the follicle. On the day of the treatment, the area will be cleansed first and then pat dry. Afterwards, cooling gel is applied to the area. This allows the gel to act as a barrier and protect the surrounding skin from the laser burns. Lastly, here comes the Superman eye, the pulsed light device. The device will be placed on the skin, on top of the gel and laser pulse light will be emitted. It will then burn the hair follicles with pain sensation as small as an ant bite. Afterwards, the cooling gel will be wiped off and replaced with a cooling pack for another 5 minutes. Voila!  

The real question here is, is this treatment able to remove hair permanently. Now, to answer the question, as explained above, the hair follicles were actually destroyed and hence, removed permanently. However, not all were able to be destroyed during a single process. Compared to other common classics way of hair removals like shaving, sugaring, and waxing, laser treatment actually works very slowly. Immediately after treatment, hair shafts are still attached to the skin. If observed attentively, in the next few days, as the burned follicles were slowly destroyed, the hair shaft will start falling off. In view of the fact that incessant skin exposure to laser might cause more harm than good, each treatment session needs to be spaced at least 6 to 8 weeks from each other. That being the case, to remove hair permanently, a woman might need at least 6 sessions depending on hair type. Therefore, taking into account the interval time between sessions, completely hair removal will be achievable in a year.

As of now, laser treatment is the only hair removal method that guarantees permanent hair removal. In contrast to waxing and sugaring, laser hair removal does not cause excruciating pain, especially when done in intimate areas. Also in comparison, laser hair removal maintains the elasticity and wellness outlook of the surrounding skin. When compared to regular shaving, shaved hair after a laser treatment have a slower rate of growth. These diminishing effects are noticeable from the first session. In addition to that, when the hair is removed permanently, a woman usually realizes a significant decrease in body odour, this enlightens and gives a woman more confident in handling daily physical activities in a humid country like ours. 

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.