At Dental Implants in Spring TX, we hear some interesting stories about why people choose dental implants. While implants return an individual’s smile close to its original state, and closer to that natural smile which everyone wants than the other options of crowns and dentures, other benefits often go unrecognized, especially for elderly patients. An 84-year-old woman recently decided to have her all of her teeth replaced with implants. And all of her teeth meant all of her original adult teeth, save for two wisdom teeth that had been extracted decades earlier. This lady may have taken care of her teeth better than any human in history, yet she decided to go with implants for several reasons.

The first was that after 84 years and excellent care her bottom front teeth started experiencing rapid decay and were going to need to be pulled. That’s not unusual in an elderly patient with previously healthy teeth. But deciding to go with replacing an entire set of teeth was. Her logic was that her natural teeth were only going to continue giving up on her. Determined to become a centenarian, someone who lives to be at least one hundred years old, she said that she wanted to enjoy chewing for the next twenty years. The second was that since periodontal disease was becoming a risk alongside tooth decay, having titanium teeth that don’t yield to bacteria seemed like a good idea. After successfully receiving her implants, she was very happy to find she could enjoy steak again.

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By Skyler West

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