HIV is a serious condition, which can leave anyone in terror and despair. One thing you need to remember is that it’s not hopeless condition and you can still do a lot to stay away from it. There are many drugs and processes developed by experts that help fight against HIV and prevent it from the early stage. Including Atripla 600mg, there are some other effective ways that can be useful.

Let’s have a look at the best options:

  1. Always Use a Fresh Syringe: The first and most common way of spreading HIV virus is through blood contamination carried by used syringes. Not only in public hospitals and cheap clinics where the patients and even the doctor can be negligent of hygiene, there are chances that the same can happen other places too.

Check if the doctor uses a new syringe to inject you for any drug. If not, it’s better you tell them to. A syringe used by someone else before you might have a blood with positive results and can be transmitted to your body. This can infect your blood and even cause HIV. it’s better to stay aware ahead than regretting later.

  1. Get a Test: The best way to stay away from a disease is to get yourself tested for it. Like any other disease, HIV can also be detected before it’s too late. Make an appointment with your doctor for regular check-ups and make sure you are diagnosed for any possible infection and body problem. Sometimes, a mild check-up may cause ignorance and the disease might be left undetected.

Go for regular body check-ups and try to follow the precautions prescribed by your physician.

  1. Have Less Risky Intercourse: You might be unaware of the fact that even intercourse can be a reason for HIV virus transmitting from one person to another. While making out, both the person involved should take as much precautions as possible. This will not only help avoid diseases like HIV but also other infections.


  1. Get Tested for STDs: STDs are common these days but most people overlook them as rare thing. Not only to protect yourself from severe ailments like HIV, AIDS; you need to get checked for other infectious diseases.
  1. Get Expert Help: If you are tested with HIV positive, you don’t have to lose hope. Even when not but doubtful, the expert might give you some medications to follow. Including Atripla 600 mg/200 mg/245 mg, there are some more drugs used for HIV-1 treatment.

Among others, Atripla 600mg is the most popular treatment for HIV. yet you are highly recommended to use it only after your physician advice. Any extra or wrong dose of the drug can have fatal side-effects.

Constantly talk to your health expert for advice and tips on how to stay protected from diseases like HIV and make sure that you are following every possible way. Once affected, it is almost impossible to cure HIV. Hence, your best bet is to stay in contact with your doctor, get regular check-ups, and live a healthy life.

By Skyler West

Piper Skyler West: Piper, a sports medicine expert, shares advice on injury prevention, athletic performance, and sports health tips.